Why should I use a broker?

Providing the quotation offered is competitive and comparable, it is always preferable to insure through a Broker rather than insuring directly as, by definition, the Broker is acting primarily as the agent of his client not the Insurance Company. In simple terms this means in the event of a dispute with the Insurance Company he is there to advise and “help fight his corner” if need be. If you choose to deal directly with an Insurance company or through an aggregator (for definition see below) you make yourself responsible for your choices.

  • Does the policy meet your needs?
  • Are you paying for features you will never use?
  • Are you comparing the market on a like for like basis?
  • How financially secure is the Company?

So often we have to “undo” a quotation obtained from an aggregator or similar and point out to the client the cover is not what they think, and they are not comparing like for like.


  • Client thinks they have a £50 excess (because that is what they asked for) and have not realised the Company have imposed a further £500 compulsory excess or have increased the voluntary excess.
  • Policy is a 10 month policy and not 12. (meaning they will not have a full years NCB when they come to renew)
  • Policy taken out whilst a learner has to be cancelled and replaced when passed test. Terms offered then not competitive and cancellation terms onerous.

-Caveat Emptor- (Let the Buyer beware!!)

Do you receive commission?

Usually yes, approximately 10% of your premium (paid to us by the Insurer), but that is not excessive when you think;

  • 1. We hope to save you money in the first instance.
  • 2. We will service your business for the forthcoming 12 months.
  • 3. The likes of…Moneysupermarket.com etc (aggregator sites) also receive a similar procuration fee but will not give individual advice, or any ongoing service.
  • 4. In most instances we issue all documentation in our office and carry out all the administration on behalf of the Insurance Company when setting up your policy.

Why should I use GSI?

  • We have been trading since 1978 and are here to stand by our recommendations.
  • We have a reputation for giving good, honest, value for money advice.
  • We are truly independent with no ties to any individual insurer and usually survey in excess of 200 schemes when offering a quotation (depending on product).
  • We are very competitive
  • We like to think we are understanding to the individual’s needs
  • We are accessible 6 days a week
  • Our Advisers have, on average, 15 years Insurance experience each
  • We do not use foreign call centres.

How do I make a claim?

Should you need to make a claim please contact our office on 01474 359117 during office hours and our staff will be happy to advise you on making a claim. Should you need to speak to someone outside of office hours please refer to our website or your policy booklet for details of your Insurers accident helpline number.

Do I get a courtesy car if I have an accident?

This depends on a number of factors. You must make a claim through your own policy and have comprehensive cover. You would then receive a courtesy car providing you use the approved repairer, subject to availability and only for the duration of the repairs. If your vehicle was written off a courtesy car would not be provided in the above circumstances.

Can I insist on parts from the original equipment manufacturer to repair my vehicle?

We deal with a large number of Insurers and each deals with this differently. We therefore advise that you contact our office on 01474 359117 to discuss the procedures of your particular Insurance Company.

What is an excess?

An excess is an amount payable by yourself in the event of a claim against your policy for your own damage/loss. Details of specific excesses relating to your policy can be found on your policy schedule

Will Legal expenses cover me in other cars that I own?

Yes, the Legal Expense Policy will cover any motor vehicle you own or for which you are legally responsible including any caravan or trailer properly constructed to be towed by such vehicle and attached to it be normal means.

Can I use my No Claims Bonus on more than 1 car?

No claims bonus can only be used on one policy at the same time so ensure that your previous policy is either cancelled, or you have requested that the no claims bonus has been removed from the policy.

In either case your Insurers should provide you with some proof as to your no claims entitlement, for example a renewal notice or a cancellation schedule. As long as they show your entitlement you can forward these onto us as your proof of no claims bonus.

Alternatively, complete the form provided and we will attempt to contact your previous Insurers for the no claims bonus proof for you.

If your quote was based on you having no claims bonus on your first vehicle please either provide written proof from your Insurers, or complete the form (as above). It is less likely that we will be able to obtain the proof verbally though, as your other policy will still be running.

Company Car No Claims Bonus

You may have had a company car for the last few years and this is your first policy 'on your own'. If this is the case, your no claims bonus would have been earned on the company car. We can allow a discount on our policies for this, but would just need to see proof from your company. This generally is provided in the form of a letter from the Insurers of the vehicle, or a letter from your Company stating the dates that you had the vehicle from and to, and that you had no claims during that time period.

I have been a named driver on someone else's policy for a few years, does that mean that I am entitled to a no claims discount?

In order to gain no claims bonus entitlement the insurance policy needs to be in your name. However providing you have been claim free as the named driver, we can normally offer an introductory discount.

Can I use motorcycle NCB on a private car policy?

Not normally - advise us of this as an introductory discount may be available.

Can I use my commercial vehicle NCB on a private car policy?

Not all insurers will allow this. Advise us at the time of quotation that you have commercial vehicle NCB so we can try to accommodate this.

Does my no claims bonus expire after a certain period of time?

Most Insurers will accept no claims bonus which has expired up to two years before you use it again. We may be able to use no claims bonus which is over two years old, however you must advise us of this at the time of the quotation.

I am insured through Company X with you and I have more than 4 years' bonus, however it only displays 4 years on my schedule; why is this?

The maximum years of no claims bonus Company X will give is a discount for 4 years so this is all they will display, however if you were to leave GSI or Company X we would be able to supply proof of the amount of years you have earned.

I have received my new policy documents but it states a different price to the amount I paid; why is this?

The insurance company's premium is all that is displayed on their documents, however when you take out or renew a policy with us you may be charged a set up or renewal fee and possibly for optional extras you have taken out with us.

My teenager has just got a driving licence and the insurance rates are very expensive. Is it cheaper to add him to my policy? Do I have any other options?

Unfortunately we cannot add a teenager onto their parent's policy, as it represents a much higher risk to the Insurer. Generally speaking if the teenager is using the vehicle more frequently than any of the other drivers, the policy should be set up in the teenager's name. This will also give the teenager the chance to start earning his or her own no claims bonus. GSI have a number of schemes for younger drivers but for sure they are not cheap. These policies also allow discounts for the teenager if they have completed a Pass Plus scheme, or similar advanced driving course, so this may be something for your teenager to consider in order to reduce their premium. Unfortunately there is something like a 80% chance a young driver will have an accident in their first year or so of driving so it is no wonder Insurers are reluctant to quote for their business. We are most successful in negotiating favourable terms for younger drivers when we insure the rest of the family and they have a good driving record.

When do I need to notify you of a change to my details?

We should be notified of all amendments that could affect your policy immediately. If you are in doubt, it is best to notify us anyway, as a claim could be affected if any of your information is incorrect. For example, if you obtain a motoring conviction we should always be advised as soon as possible, not to wait until renewal.

I have just received a speeding conviction. How much will it affect my car insurance premium?

This depends on how many motoring convictions you have on your driving licence, and who your Insurance Company is. Many Insurers that we deal with will allow two fixed penalty speeding convictions to be on your licence without increasing your premium. You should notify us as soon as you receive a conviction.

Does my policy entitle me to drive anybody else's car?

Most policyholders over the age of 25 are given this cover. If this benefit is added it will show on your certificate of insurance. This cover is Third Party Only and is restricted to vehicles not owned and registered to you. Always check your certificate of Insurance

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